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Update 2023: 

Minor Maintenance Items in which SLCA Residents Can Participate

The activities listed in the table below are1) regular and on-going (year over year) maintenance activities, 2) do not impact the structure of the dams and 3) are not considered repair to the dams.

When maintaining the feeder stream known as Bennets Run, know that the SLCA may access the stream across private property and the SLCA dam operator supervision should be sought. SLCA may access (and limit maintenance activities) on the section of the feeder stream between the diversion dam and Silver Lake. Vegetation control is limited to ONE bank of the feeder stream – generally the east bank of the stream. As the feeder stream meanders and may not always have an “eastern” bank, orient to the town of Lewisberry and locate the bank closest to the town of Lewisberry. This is the bank on which we can perform maintenance activities.

Importance of vegetation control – Brush and weeds provide too much shade and hinders the growth of sturdy, thick grass cover. Sparse grass is more prone to surface erosion than dense turf. The on-going control of vegetation promotes the growth of dense turf and, by controlling erosion, promotes the flow of water to the lake. Vegetation control also allows for access to the stream itself by work parties where silt removal is performed.

Importance of silt removal from feeder stream – Unhindered flow of water into Silver Lake promotes the health of the lake. The free-flowing feeder stream reduces the temperature of the lake by one to two degrees.

Most tasks require manual labor where physical work is involved. The skill level for these tasks can be characterized as:

  • Skilled – Work that requires training and/or experience with the task and tools, particularly power tools
  • Moderate – Moderately Skilled. Limited or occasional involvement or exposure to task and tools
  • Basic – Unskilled. Work that requires no specific training or experience.

Tools used include:

  • Gas powered / electric powered tools
    • Mowers
    • Trimmers
    • “Weed Whackers”
    • Power Washers
    • “Bush Hogs”
  • Shovels, Rakes, Clippers, Scythe, Sickle
  • Gloves, Eye/Ear Protection, proper boots, waders and clothing
  • 5 Gal buckets
Task Description Supervision Required? Physical Activity? Skill Level Tools
1 Restoration of trampled area to former condition(Private property owners have provided access to the feeder streams and diversion dam. SLCA chooses to restore, as practical, areas impacted by SLCA maintenance activities (i.e., cut wood and trash/waste are removed promptly, etc.) No Yes Basic Rakes, Shovels, Transport to remove logs, etc.
2 Removal of trees fallen across feeder stream. Yes Yes Moderate Chainsaw, Weed Whacker, Proper eye/ear protection and clothing
3 Branch / log removal from stream bed to enable flow of water feeding Silver Lake. No Yes Basic Clippers, Rope, etc.
4 Bucket dredging of stream bed.   Using a 5 gallon bucket, drag and scoop silt, pebbles, and water from stream bed. Tip bucket to release water back to stream, dump silt and pebbles on bank – the bank nearer to the town of Lewisberry (generally the east bank of the stream). No Yes Basic 5 gallon bucket
5 Vegetation control of bank of feeder stream – THE BANK NEARER TO THE TOWN OF LEWISBERRY. Cut and remove vegetation using a string trimmer (e.g., a “weed whacker”). Use a scythe (e.g., a long handle and a long curved single-edged blade) to remove long vegetation. No Yes Basic Moderate if power tools used Weed Whacker, Proper eye/ear protection and clothing
6 Prepare clay for routine dam maintenance activities (e.g., fill animal burrows, address minor erosion, etc.) Soil must be screened to remove stones. Sift clay / pick stones from clay. Large stones should be piled for future use in maintenance activities. No Yes Basic Shovels, Rakes, Gloves, Buckets
7 Control vegetation behind the earthen dam (i.e., cut and remove vegetation, wood, and brush) No Yes Basic Moderate if power tools used

2 thoughts on “VOLUNTEER

  • November 2, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    In doing research on my families history in this area I discovered your site. I live in the area, and would love to see you receive the help that is needed. Unfortunately, I would only be capable of doing light weight things. Have you contacted local boy scout troops, church community work days, or advertised to NHS students in Red Land H.S. or Northern for an organized day to earn community hours? Young high school guys are filled with energy and strength if guided in what to do. Just a thought. 🙂

  • June 21, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Do you have any fund raising events for FoSL for general upkeep?


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