In the interest of proper communication, SLCA committed to sending project updates regularly. 

The project is in a review phase so updates may not be substantive for a while. However- slow news is better than no news!

Silver Lake’s H&H report (submitted 5/13) continues to be in DEP’s queue for review… and likely will be for months to come. Drawings for the spillway & earthen dam are effectively on hold until the waterflow design parameters are determined and agreed upon by DEP.

What we CAN do in the meantime is evaluate the possibilities of diverting the Bennetts Run watershed area around our lake. This is a huge fraction of watershed area that we can possibly remove from our design requirements.

Our current focus is managing a meeting with both KPI (our engineer) and DEP to begin the process of evaluating this route. However, we are still coordinating a date for all parties to meet.

More news to come in a couple weeks-

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