The lake got a $10,000 donation from the Henkelmann family. In remembrance of Todd Henkelmann who recently passed away.

His family has had the property on Silver Lake since the 1930’s, when Reinhold Henkelmann purchased 806 Marie Avenue. Our grandfather.

 He got hold of a “log cabin” kit, and proceeded, with a stonemason and his parishioners to build what has become Log Haven. My dad, Charlie and his brother, David, grew up here and in York. My Dad and Mom brought Todd, my sister, Holly and I to spend parts of summers here, to celebrate holidays and other occasions, and so we developed a strong and enduring attachment here.
Todd was a physical therapist and moved to the Pittsburgh area after graduating to begin his practice, specializing in facial therapy. He lectured at many conferences and wrote a chapter in a textbook on facial problems and their solutions with the doctors he worked with. He was renowned in his specialty, a go-to guy for complicated cases from around the country.
Todd loved coming to the cabin and I frequently joined him here to get together and for projects we would do together. He also came many times, specifically for the lake work parties, to give back and to help care for this very special place.
He and I were to inherit Log Haven together, until his ALS diagnosis cut short his life. Betty, his wife, honored his wishes to “give back” yet again, with her recent donation in Todd’s memory, to the Silver Lake Fund.
Donation from the Henkelmann Family

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  • July 3, 2023 at 3:43 pm

    Todd was a devoted member of Silver Lake Association. We are grateful for his dedication. He will be greatly missed. We thank him and his family for the donation.

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