There are some significant events coming soon.

After a lot of back and forth between our engineer KPI & PA DEP; the H&H report and  was delayed but formally submitted on March 17th. PA DEP is currently performing the full review of the report and we are now currently awaiting comments or approval. 

Our efforts to perform silt maintenance on the island have been very informational. After working with the York County Conservation District and PA DEP, we have discovered several requirements such as erosion and sedimentation control procedures, endangered species review, and wetlands delineation that we are working to resolve. Currently, we are awaiting quotes from environmental service professionals to perform a wetlands delineation on the area we plan to work on.

We also want to give an informal notice that the Annual Meeting and the BODs Special Meeting on June 3rd. Mark your calendars! If there are any petitions to be on the ballot for BOD or any other petitions please have them in by May 6th. If not received by then the board will not accept them. We need all this information to send out to the members so we do not need to change the agenda. We will send the official announcment, agenda and documents the beginning of May.

Effective immediately, nobody is to be using the Spillway as a walkway. The Spillway can be very dangerous. Only active members who are  either maintaining the stop logs or performing maintenance as part of an organized work party are allowed to be on the spillway.

No Trespassing signs and keep off signs will be posted. Keep Off.


Community Update