The H&H Report:

From our H&H report submission in February, Silver Lake has finally made it through the DEP’s review queue!

Our engineer has received comments on the report that are minor in nature, and DEP has generally agreed with our recommendation to size our spillway for state minimum 100 year flood. KPI is addressing DEP’s comments and is preparing for resubmission to DEP.

Silt retention pond:

Efforts to clean up silt around the island have been educational. Regulatory compliance is very important and the York County Conservation District has helped us navigate these requirements. A “wetlands Delineation” was performed which identifies either the presence or absence of wetlands (and endangered bog turtles) around the area to be worked.

Fortunately, no wetlands were present, which greatly simplifies the requirements involved.

Next step is to generate and file a plan for controlling erosion and sedimentation for the project such that runoff will not be released into the main waterway.

Algae Blooms:

Because of our hot dry summer, this has been a very tough year for algae blooms. The board has been in contact with several lake management professionals for solutions to our growing algae issues but we are still awaiting proposals/recommendations.

Several lake members have purchased and installed aerators alongside their properties. We cannot be sure of their overall effectiveness, however any aeration is better than none, and these aerators are welcome.

In an effort to maintain communication and transparency, we are providing you an electronic copy of the demand letter received whereby, “Scott Webb, a Member of the Silver Lake Community Association (“SLCA”), has retained Eckert, Seamans, Cherin and Mellot LLC” attorneys at law.

As you will read, the demand letter states, “Failure to comply with this demand could result in legal action being taken against the SLCA and its Board of Directors.” Given the demands and allegations within the letter, we have retained, and are in consultation with, an attorney.

Please note that any and all fees charged by the attorney (for example drafting and responding to the demand letter, defending SLCA against any legal action, etc.) will be paid from member collected homeowner association dues. Unfortunately, this will reduce the funds earmarked for lake improvement.

Our attorney has contacted Eckert, Seamans, Cherin and Mellot and will be composing a letter of response.

Demand Letter

Community Update