A community update!

With the annual meeting nearing we’d like to update the community on the current status of the Silver lake rehabilitation project. Despite claims to the contrary, the BOD is absolutely committed to clear communication and we’re happy to show our progress and status- expect further updates to come monthly!

Delays related to the aggressive emergency dam repair schedule have pushed the overall project back by roughly two months. SLCA’s engineering firm (KPI) has been working per the attached schedule for the completion of our initial submission to DEP. This final report (Task 4) was received 4/12; reviewed & marked up by the BOD. Upon receiving corrected copies from the engineer, Silver Lake has finally submitted our first report to DEP.

The report details both the modelling of Silver lake’s three watershed areas, spillway and dam; along with the quantity of rainfall we must design our lake to manage. While this does not decide construction plans, it does set the waterflow design parameters for our lake moving forward.

This is an important milestone- the first step to rehabilitation of our lake is for DEP to agree with the watershed modelling KPI has done thus far.  This puts the ball in their court and satisfies our obligations to their needs. Unfortunately, we are subject to DEP review queues, but that is out of our control, and will ultimately affect the overall project schedule.  

Community Update!