Community Update:

Hello members!

We want to keep you all updated. We have had a lot happening over the last couple weeks and we want to share it with you. Things are progressing thanks to a lot of hard work by the Board.

 Update on the Dam Remediation’s:

The H&H study should be resubmitted to the DEP next week. It has taken more time than expected due to revisions DEP required.

Once approved by DEP our engineers can start the evaluation reports for both the concrete spillway and the earthen dam.

Once the evaluation reports have been completed, then the design work can actually begin. This is progress!

At 30 % design a preliminary project cost estimate will be prepared. At 60 % design a final project cost estimate will be prepared.

The downstream study results are back and have changed the scope of the project. Instead of planning for 24 inches of rain in 24 hours, we now are looking at 7 inches in 24 hours!  This much more realistic evaluation will reduce the scope and cost of the dam remediation. This is wonderful news!

When we last met with KPI and they gave us the results of the downstream analysis (the 7″ of rainfall) We asked if we were OK to report this to the members, or if we needed to wait for DEP review… They said to go ahead and report- they had confidence in their work. However, the DEP still needs to accept the values.

Two board members that are engineers met Sunday along with other professionals in the field to produce an estimated timeline for the entire project. We want to thank them for the time they put in! Again, this is only an estimated timeline. It is attached.

SLCA Dam and Spillway Schedule

Update on Silt Maintenance:

Brad and Kevin met with YCCD to discuss the work we want to do on the island. YCCD has stated they require an E&S (erosion and sedimentation) report from a professional before we can begin any work on the island with an excavation machine.

We will need this in order to get the green light from YCCD and DEP. The work is to include clearing the island and digging a silt retention pond.

We will also be required to make a construction entrance onto the island. Brad has contacted JR paving and the estimate for them to do this is $2,000. This includes excavating, placement of geofabric, and at least 40 tons of #4 limestone.

Brad, Tom and Kevin met with Ground Solutions yesterday, February 17th. This is the company that put our silt socks in when we had to do the emergency repair of the earthen dam.

We asked for an estimate on the silt socks. The cost to prepare and deliver the socks is $2.25 per foot. We approximate we will need 600 to 700 feet. They will also provide the stakes. It was decided it would be cheaper for us to place the socks ourselves. We will need to rent a skid loader to do this. Brad has contacted York Bobcat and got a price of $1400 for a Friday drop-off and Monday pickup. Brad has volunteered to run the machine. We will also need other volunteers to help.

We also asked them for an estimate to prepare the required E&S report. Unfortunately, they cannot prepare the report. We will need our engineer to do that.

Brad and John Taylor met with Cleveland Brothers to discuss equipment rental for the excavation work on the Island. The cost of the machine to do the excavation work will be $3000 for a month. The cost of the machine  will be discounted by 50% thanks to Brad and the time he put in working with the company.

We also want everyone to know that YCCD charges a fee to review the E&S report.

At this time, we do not have a timeline when we can start the excavation machine work. It will be in the hands of YCCD and DEP.

However, in the meantime, we can continue to do as much manual removal of shrubbery and trees from the island. We need your help!

Preserve Silver Lake Fund:

We have someone who has decided to donate $10,000 to the PSLF. This person does not even live here now, but is a current owner’s step mother who has such great memories from when she did live here, that she has joined our cause. Again the donations to PSLF are tax deductible!


We need donations to pay for the silt maintenance project.

If you are interested in donating, please contact John Taylor at [email protected]


Community Update